Recumbent on a Race team ride

I really needed to work on my “Bent” legs this weekend but didn’t want to miss the FFBC race team ride so I asked the team boss if I could show up on the Bacchetta. He didn’t have a problem and the chosen course wasn’t too hilly so I went for it.

Niles Parking Lot at the start

Niles Parking Lot at the start

It was a pretty small turnout from the team but there were some fast guys there. I didn’t really have too much trouble with the pace all the way out along Niles and Calaveras but on Calaveras we were caught by the rather large Cyclepath ride that looked to have some fit guys.  I knew I was going to have difficulty on the climb so I attacked at the bottom and managed to pull out about a 100m gap. As the climb progressed I was gradually reeled in by the fast guys but by the false summit I was still in the top 10 or so.

Regrouping at the false Summit

Regrouping at the false Summit

Back down Calaveras was recumbent territory and I sat off the front for most of the way leading out the paceline. My legs felt a little tired from the sprint up the hill earlier. The next section was hard for me with short climbs and lots of traffic lights and my legs were really not feeling very good by the time we reached Sunol.  The climb up Kilkaire was pretty hard and despite my best efforts was unable to Keep with Bill and Richard . These 4 miles of climbing really started to make my legs fatigue.

Top of Kilkaire

Top of Kilkaire

The final section of the ride was the traditional paceline down Niles Canyon. I decided to put in an attack and ended up with both legs cramping so I had to back off. I still put in some hard turns at the front but ended up only getting 3rd in the sprint. A good and very tiring ride but the Garmin 705 had corrupted altitude data again.

Bike: Barcchetta Corsa SS
Time: 2h49m
Dist: 50 miles
Speed: 17.6 Av, 33.58Max
Heart : 144Av, 181Max

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