A bit chilly In the Old wind

Ever since moving from the UK  I seem to have lost my tolerance for cold. The strong winds and 50 degree temps nearly put me off going out at all. I don’t mind commuting down to freezing temps but actually going out on a proper training ride is a bit of a turnoff.

I decided to blow the dust of the Salsa Chili Con Crosso for a blast round my hilly training circuit. Its only 18 miles but it has some good climbs and fast flat sections. I have ridden this circuit about a hundred times so I can use it as a very accurate indication of form or the merits of a particular bike.

Todays ride was strange in that I seemed to have a pretty strong headwind for 75% of the ride. The normally fast flat section was a particular drag. My lungs did not feel good at all and i am still a bit congested but my time was reasonable for the effort I put in.

Course : Flynn Circuit Clockwise
Time: 1h04m7s
Distance: 17.75m
Speed: Max = 46.8mph, Av = 16.6mph
Heart: Max = 172bpm, Av = 150bpm
Climb = 1167ft

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One thought on “A bit chilly In the Old wind

  1. Digs

    Sounds like you need to come bac kto the UK for re-calibration 🙂

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