Recovery Rides are fun

I am still on a fairly light training schedule at the moment. The main aim is to not lose too much fitness and yet allow my body to recharge so that I can start training properly in December for February’s Death Valley Double Century. With this in mind I put Sundays aside for a fun but short ride on my recovery circuit. I also try to cross train a bit by riding my Bacchetta.

After riding a road bike I am always shocked how reclined and unstable  the Bacchetta feels.  It also always feels really slow to me, like you have hollow legs, but after a few miles things begin to fall into place. A quick glance at the Garmin also reveals that although it feels slow, it certainly isn’t slow on the flats and downhills. The climbs were a different matter and my legs were burning with what wasn’t really a hard effort.

I know a lot of road riders scoff at recumbents saying that they cant climb. Recumbents can climb but in my experience they are not as efficient as road bikes. On a recent club training ride I was relegated to the track sprinters group on the climbs where normally I would be in the first 3-4 over the top. There was simply nothing I could do to keep up with the fast group. Perhaps this is because I am a roadie that rides recumbents for fun and as such my “bent” muscles are not developed enough.

I met up with my wife and another lady from the FFBC ladies team on the route and demonstrated to them how fast the Bachetta can fly into the wind. This just added to the fun of what was a very uplifting ride.

Bike: Bacchetta Corsa SS
Distance: 14:00 miles
Time : 47m18s
MPH: Max = 37.4, Av = 17.7
BPM: Max = 158, Av = 134
Climb: 605

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