Low Key Mt Hamilton Hill Climb.

The Low Key Hill climb series traditionally has a climb up Mount Hamilton (California ) on Thanksgiving. I have ridden it before on my road bike but this year I decided to race it on my Catrike 700 recumbent trike. A bit of research revealed that the recumbent record for the Low Key Hamilton climb was actually held by a recumbent Trike.

Joe Lansing : 2H12m31s in 1998

I reckoned I could beat that time so the record attempt was on.

We were blessed with absolutely perfect weather for the race. It was pretty cold when I was warming up but once the race got going I was toasty warm (too warm to be honest). The race is a mass start affair and it looked to me as if there were at least 100 riders. I quickly lost sight of all the fast groups after a few miles but there were little carrots (small groups for me to aim for). I just set a tempo of pain for the whole thing and hoped my legs didn’t give up.

I always find the last 4 miles of the climb to be the hardest and I was lucky to have a carrot in the shape of a very pretty lady in “Hammer Nutrition clothing” for these 4 miles. Trying to keep her in sight really helped me to focus through the pain.  At times I pulled away from her but she had an amazing recovery near the end and pulled away within the last 1/2 mile. As I rounded the corner to the observatory with 200m to the finish someone shouted out “You got the record” which spurred me on to a sprint finish.

My legs were absolutely shattered at the top. Unofficial time was : 1h56m50s  according to my Garmin.  That is not something I really want to try again without some specific trike training.

The ride back down the hill was very exhilarating and the trike handled superbly on the many turns. I am really impressed with the Kojaks.

Distance: 18.4 miles
MPH: Av= 9.4, Max= 36.3
BPM: Av= 165, Max= 179
Climb: 4303ft


Distance: 18.4 miles
MPH: Av= 18.8, Max= 37.2
BPM: Av= 127, Max= 158
Climb: 543ft

Some Pictures here. You can see both me and my hammer carrot 🙂


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One thought on “Low Key Mt Hamilton Hill Climb.

  1. sevencyclist

    You bent fool you … that is a great accomplishment. Your time on the bent is better than my personal best. That’s great. Hope to see you on the road in 2010.

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