Altamont Blast

Feeling much better today after getting 8 hours sleep and my hand healing nicely. I decided to ride the Altamont course again on the Bacchetta to see if I really was getting better. It was windier on the way out than it was on Sunday but I felt much stronger and my time reflects this.

I actually got pretty close to my personal best on the Corsa and I think it was a harder day than when I set my p.b. If you look on the graph below you can see that it was harder on the way out but I was Quicker on the way back. I am not as fit as I was this time last year as I did a slower time with a higher pulse rate.

Course : Altamont
Course Record : 56m52s (6/19/2009) Trek TTX 9.5
Course Record (Recumbent):  59m07s (12/28/2008) Corsa SS
Distance: 19.17 miles
MPH: Av= 19.3, Max= 36.3
BPM: Av= 149, Max= 173
Climb: 807ft

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