Nearly Beat the hour on the bent

The old legs were feeling a bit tired when I got up this morning.  A pretty hard ride on the tandem yesterday followed by sitting in a cinema for 3 hours certainly didn’t help with the recovery. I have also ridden pretty hard for the last 5 days (taking advantage of my vacation). The weather forecast for today was rain but it was actually warm and sunny when I went out with light winds. The sun on my legs made them feel good so i rode pretty hard (especially on the climbs) to see what time I could do.  I was pleased to see I knocked nearly 3 minutes off my best time for the loop.

Goal for next year has to be to to beat the hour on the Bacchetta. I reckon if I hadn’t hit a few lights on red I would have done it as although I didn’t actually have to stop I had to coast for a while. I reckon my bent legs are coming back.

Course : Flynn Clockwise
Bike : Bacchetta Corsa SS
Course Record : 55m28s (7/1/2009) Salsa Chili Con Crosso
*NEW*Course Record (Recumbent): 1h00m28s (12/30/2009) Corsa SS
Distance: 17.8 miles
MPH: Av= 17.6, Max= 41.9
BPM: Av= 143, Max= 171
Climb: 1120ft

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