First ride of 2010

Last year we did a loop of Corral Hollow road and Altamont Pass on the tandem to celebrate the first day of 2009.  The weather was very cold, very windy and also pretty foggy. When we woke up on the first day of 2010 it was raining heavy so we waited till it stopped then took the dogs round to Starbucks for  a treat. The dogs love all the attention they get whilst sat outside. By lunch time things were drying up but we still didnt want to risk the tandem so we both got on our cross bikes with mudguards.

We were completely wrong about the weather. By the time we got to Tesla/Corral hollow road it was absolutely gorgeous, barely a breath of wind and warm.

We were both really overdressed for the conditions but it didnt spoil the ride.

Last year we used a busy section of Tracy and Midway to link Corral Hollow and the Altamont but this year we decided to use the aqueduct trail instead. It was very nice on the trail and we didn’t see a single person until the very end.

It was  by far the calmest I have ever seen this stretch of water.

Turned out to be a very enjoyable jaunt in the January sun.

Bike : Kona Jake The Snake Cyclo X
Distance: 42.32 miles
Time: 2h55m58s
MPH: Av= 14.4, Max=37.6
BPM: Av= 128, Max= 167
Climb: 1874ft

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