Mega Monster Enduro 2/13/10

Bike : Bacchetta Corsa SS
Distance: 102 miles
MPH: Av= 18.4, Max= 41.7
BPM: Av= 152, Max= 170
Climb: 4777ft

Today I raced the Mega Monster Enduro on my Bacchetta Corsa SS. It was almost perfect weather but 102 miles and 4777ft of climbing still takes its toll. My goal for the event was beat 5:30 with a major stretch goal of beating 5:08  (Zach Kaplans amazing time from last year). I did manage to beat 5:30 but it was a real struggle and I went through a few rough patches.

My worst point was on the climb out of Bitterwater where I started to get some muscle cramps. I geared down and managed to ride through them but my legs gave me some trouble after that. The last 12 miles I found particularly hard due to the poor roads and wind.

I was disappointed that I was the only recumbent (other than Bills flying banana electric assist) but happy I knocked off an hour from my time on the Catrike 700 a couple of years ago.

Results :

1st Place HPV category – I was the only one 🙂


pl # name M/F category time
1 22 Russell_Stevens m 40+ 05:01:11
2 19 Dave_Rossow m 35+ 05:08:29
3* 7 Mark_King m HPV_recumbent 05:28:50

* Virtual as I was in a seperate Category

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