2010 Berkeley Bicycle Club Team Time Trial – 2/20/2010

I don’t know if it was nerves or some bad enchiladas but I had pretty bad trots on the morning of this event. Fortunately I managed to get everything out of my system before the start and perhaps this was why I felt so good on the climbs. I only got a 15 minute warm up on the trainer but the ride up to the start was a pretty good warm up to.

The weather was overcast and quite cool but not bad at all for racing. I was racing with my super strong teammate Erik but this was the first time we had ridden a 2 up together and out lack of practice was reflected in our time.

Erik was very strong on the downhills and I was strong on the uphills. This meant we didn’t really gel that well overall and I was pretty disapointed with our 12th place overall.

Bike: Klein Quantum Pro
Time: 48m13s.
Dist : 15.79
Climb: 1374.

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