Chasing the Hour record: 2/28/10

This year I plan to attempt the hour record for unfaired recumbent trikes. There currently is no record recorded but the WRRA have told me there is a minimum value they want to see before they will ratify the record. I am not going to reveal what that figure is but its a pretty tall order. Anyone that has ever ridden a trike on a banked velodrome will know that its is pretty hard work and that the banking really sucks your speed. You are continually having to counter steer.

This afternoon I got to spend around 3 hours on my local velodrome putting some figures to the task in hand. I know it is lame to make excuses but I felt pretty tired today and the wind was not ideal. The good news is that I can manage xxMPH for a few laps. The bad news is that the speed I could keep up for 1 hour is about probably xx-2.5MPH. I did a few full on time trial speed sessions for 4-10 laps and figured out what my actual lap speed would be.

I felt pretty low after my efforts but is there hope ?

There are a couple of other things I need to do for a second trial before committing to the attempt in July.

1) Train more on the Trike…No brainer really (I have only ridden it once since Thanksgiving)
2) Try a rear Disk cover
3)  Swop out the Kojak’s on the front. It felt like they really dragged.
4) Try to improve drive train losses

If I cant get at least 20 laps in at xx +/-0.5MPH in this next session I might have to think again about my attempt.

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