DVD Shakedown Ride : 10/4/10

I put the lights on the Bacchetta this morning then decided to go for a 14 mile shakedown ride to ensure everything was ok. I am glad I did because I had some problems that would certainly have cause me grief on Saturday. The new Michelin Pro Race 3 have a sublime ride quality, somehow managing to feel very supple and yet very fast at the same time.  I was very pleased with the way they rode.

The new Disk cover also felt good and I am sure I felt faster with it but I started to have problems when freewheeling or soft pedaling. When I was installing it I noticed the clearance round the freehub body was very tight indeed and it was very difficult to adjust so that it was perfectly central. It seems the cover shifted slightly and was rubbing on the freehub causing all sorts of problems. I had a fiddle with it but there is no way I can resolve the issue and do a long ride to confirm the fix before Saturday. I am going to have to take the cover off this evening 😦

Weather forecast for Saturday is a bit miserable too. SNOW !!!!!

Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain and snow. Snow level 4500 feet decreasing to 4000 feet in the afternoon. Highs 45 to 53 in the mountains to around 71 at furnace creek. South wind up to 10 mph.

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