Future Plans

The next 3 months are sort of crazy as I have to swap between recumbents and road bikes for all manner of different events. The Bacchetta will be having a rest for a while as my goals involve other forms of transport. 

My main goal in March is to cram in as much climbing as possible on my road bike to prepare for the Brutal Mulholland Double and Evil Devil Mountain Double in April.  I really wanted to go for a 12 hour time on the trike in the Davis 12/24 but there is no way I can manage 3 doubles in April and still hope to be competetive. I also need to start doing regular speed work on the Trike in preparation for the HPV races in June and the hour record attempt in July. In May I will be having to switch training to the TT bike and trike exclusively.

Here is my rough race Calendar for the next few Months: 

March :

20th : Beat the Clock 10 Mile TT : Catrike 700 

April :

10th : Mullholland Double (200 miler): CTC Stage Race Round 1 : Road Bike
24th : Devil Mountain Double (200 miler) : CTC Stage Race Round 2 : Road Bike


22nd : Calaveras 10m TT : TT Bike
29th-31st : Portland HPC Event : Catrike 700


Earlier Part of June I am out of the country which prevents me from riding 3 target time trials 😦

19th: San Jose HPV: Catrike 700 
26th : Beat the Clock Track Session : Catrike 700
27th : Benecia TT : TT Bike

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