Altamont Pass :3/13/10

Course : Altamont Pass
Bike : Catrike 700
Course Record : 55m47s (1/29/2010) Klein Quantum pro
Course Record (Recumbent): 58m00s (2/21/2010) Corsa SS
NEW Course Record (Recumbent Trike) : 1h01m27s (3/13/2010) Catrike 700

Distance: 19.14 miles
MPH: Av= 18.7, Max= 37.8
BPM: Av= 149, Max= 168
Climb: 988ft

Needed to get some speed work in on the trike today. It was pretty cold and windy but I felt like I had a chance to beat the hour on my hilly wind tunnel of a circuit. I got pretty close to the hour but I lost way too much time on the climbs that all seemed to have headwinds.  I also got help up a bit at 3 stop signs but  I doubt these lost me more than a minute.

I still managed to knock 5 minutes off my personal best so the training is going in the correct direction. I still suspect I have some fatigue from last Saturdays double and the bug I picked up after it.

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