FFBC Calaveras 10 Mile TT : 3/27/10

I rode the FFBC 10 mile time trial today. It was a bit cool and windy but is was actually a pretty good day. The wind was definitely stronger on the return leg and the last mile was a hard headwind.  I set a new Personal best for the Calveras 10mTT course by 20 seconds. More importantly I knocked nearly 3.5 minutes off my last attempt on this course.

On the Boxing day 10 (https://britcpower.wordpress.com/2009/12/26/boxing-day-10/ ) my team mate Erik beat me by 13 seconds so I was out for revenge .  Unfortunately he crashed out on the descent so the grudge is unresolved 🙂

Course : Calaveras
My Course Record (Recumbent):  25m03s (3/27/2010) Corsa SS
My Course Record (Trike):  27m16s (8/14/2008) Catrike 700
Distance: 10.00 miles
Time: 25m03s

It was my first ride with a rear disk cover after modification and it worked well.  I spent a couple of hours last night adjusting the size of the holes so that they fit properly and I also taped the disk to the rim.  Its hard to know how much of an improvement the disk made but I wasn’t wearing a skinsuit or  aero helmet so i may have even gone faster.

Comparison With my Previous P.B on the Bacchetta:

My pulse trace showed that this time I set off a bit slower and gradually wound up my effort right up till the very end. I reckon my pacing was good as I never felt like I was blowing up but I had suffered all the way round.

The Speed Trace shows the impact of the headwind on the way back. It looks like last time it was headwind out.

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