Devil Mountain Double 2010

Specialized Tarmac:
Dist: 206 Miles
AV Heart Rate: 141
Max Speed: 46
Time: 14h02m.

I set off with the 6:15 group and kept near the front for the first section up to Blackhawk where my first disaster happened. I hit the big pothole on the drop down to the golf course and my seat moved. It was pointing upwards and felt very uncomfortable. I stopped to fix it at the top of Diablo but it went funny again on a pothole and the back of Morgan territories.  I stopped to fix it again at the bottom of Morgan territories and it remained reasonably stable for the rest of the day. My mate Andy really wound up the pace on the Altamont and I felt good up until Midway (round mile 70) when I experience my first bout of cramps. I realized I hadnt been drinking enough (1 bottle in around 4 hours) and I paid for this for the rest of the day.

Patterson was a pretty miserable climb for me as I had to keep backing off due to leg cramping. I tried to rehydrate and cram in the endurolytes but I was in for a world of misery for the rest of the day. Cramps hit me hard on Mines road and I felt like I had no power but I soldiered on at the best pace I could. I had my first bathroom break at the Junction at Mines Road  and the signs were that I was really dehydrated. The backside of Hamilton was very hot  and i suffered really badly up there.

The descent of Hamilton was exhilarating mainly due to the cold breeze and the exquisite handling of the Specialized Tarmac. I descended much better than usual but the two little climbs on the way down hurt a lot. I hit Sierra road in a bad way and suffered really badly. I had to stop 3 times due to leg cramps and fatigue. By the time I hit the “Pat the goat” stop my goose was well and truly cooked. I really wanted to call it a day at this point but my mate talked me round. The Calaveras wall passed without cramps but with totally shot legs and the run into Sunol was a test of mental power.

I drank some ice cold water (sick of energy stuff by this point) and ate a 1/4 chocolate muffin at Sunol. The temperature began to cool significantly and I started to feel a bit better. The climb up Palomares was a struggle but the leg cramps seem to have left me. I was still sort of in “limp home” mode but I actually got stronger over the last section of the course. We finally rolled in in 14h03m and it was still light. It was possibly the worst double I have ever experienced due to my leg cramps and I vowed never to ride it again.

Despite eating plenty and drinking plenty afterwards I was still 6 pounds lighter when I woke up on Sunday morning. Definitely still dehydrated.

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