Half a House of Pain Ride on 3 wheels.

Our team coach Larry said that one of the best ways to get my speed back was motor pacing. The nearest I can get to motor pacing is to try and hang on to the Saturday morning HOP ride for as long as possible. I rode out at a moderate pace to Danville on the Catrike to meet the HOP ride outside Peets.  I didnt want to upset the regulars so I just hung on the back which isnt ideal on this ride as you have to work harder to combat the whiplash effect of the surges.

The pace was pretty hard from the start and I was really having to work on the small climbs. By the time the ride got onto highland some riders were getting shelled out but I hung on until just before the collier canyon turnoff where there was a surge on the bumpy uphill section and my legs could do no more. I tried to get back on the rollers but had no chance with the DMD still in my legs so I just had a steady ride home.

I was really hoping to hang on till North Livermore but my Trike legs simply didnt have it in them. Good training though.

Bike :  Catrike 700
Distance: 40.8miles
Time: 2H20
Climb: 1215ft
Speed: Av= 17.4, Mx= 33.1
Pulse: Av= 126, Mx= 177

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