HPV day at Hellyer in total confusion

I cant believe Carole and George have been double booked twice. What a kerfuffle.


I just wanted to let everyone know what’s happening at the moment:

You may remember that we were double-booked for the velodrome on June 26th, so we changed the date to June 19th instead.  Now it seems we’ve been double-booked again on the 19th, but this time it’s with an event that Easy Racers is putting on, the “1st Annual Great HPV Manufacturer’s Shoot-Out”.

However this time we have first dibs on the velodrome! And George and I can’t change our event date again because that’s the only weekend that George doesn’t have to work Saturday. Easy Racers really needs to have their event on the 19th too (because of a ride they are sponsoring the next day).  So we are trying to work out a compromise with Easy Racers where both events can be done, although both will be smaller because all of us still only have the velodrome from 12 to 4 p.m. unless something else happens.

The events we were planning on having were:

– the usual 200 meters,

– Newcomers

– Juniors

– Lap race or Last Man Out

– 1/2 Hour race

– Trike Race (if there are at least 3 trikes)

– + 1 more to be determined

The events Easy Racers were planning on having were:

– 200 Meters

– 1 Kilometer time trial

– Braking Contest (shortest stopping distance from 20 mph)

– Twisty Road Race )maneuverability on tight course at high speed)

– Skill Test (Maneuverability on slow speed obstacle course)

– Endurance Race – 25 miles

There are lots of details to work out:  Like we run 4 classes (unfaired, partial GT and fully-faired), the Easy Racer website says they all compete for the same points and prizes (including uprights)with a $25 entry fee. Also we let multiple people ride the same bike, and one rider have multiple bikes; I don’t know how Easy Racers will deal with that Then, since this is their “1st Annual” event, I don’t yet know how they will set up,organize and run their individual events, but those details will come later.

Obviously the 200 meters can be run together and scored separately.  I’m also willing to do a 1 kilometer time trial event, although I’d prefer to make it more like a drag race, with two people on the track at the same time.  But it’s the other events that don’t quite mesh.

What I need from you is your thoughts on what Easy Racers wants to add to our race schedule, i.e., what you think about trying to combine the Fun Day and the Easy Racers event, and which of the Easy Racers events you would be interested in entering (if any). Also let me know if there are any of our races that are more important to you than the others (except for the Newcomers and Juniors, which I am definitely having!).

With that information we can see where the most interest is, and work to include those events and weed out the least favorite events.

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