Future Plans May edition II

A couple of changes here that are going to impact my proposed schedule

  • Uncertainty about what Events will actually be at the June 19th HPV races
  • A huge Truck repair bill has killed my Portland HPV races plans

It is with much disappointment that I will have to abandon my trip to the HPV races in Portland.  It was always going to be an expensive (1300 miles and at least 3 days of Hotels) and difficult (Two 12 hour driving days on a holiday weekend) trip.  I just had to fork out a big repair bill on the pickup truck so I cant really spend another $600 on a single race weekend.

New Provisional Calendar:


12th : Putah Creek TT on Catrike 700

Looking for a 10 mile personal best on the Trike.

22nd : Calaveras 10m TT : TT Bike

I would really like to do well in this event as it is my teams promotion. I am not sure 3 weeks is enough time to get up to speed on my TT bike but by golly I am going to give it a go. 35+ Cat 4.

26th :  Putah Creek TT :  Catrike 700.

Looking for a 10 mile personal best on the Trike.

29th : Canada Road TT : Catrike 700

I want to beat the course record for this one.


19th: San Jose HPV races at Hellyer : Catrike 700

26th : Beat the Clock Track Session : Catrike 700

A chance to go for a 1K personal best.

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