Trike Long Intervals

The quest for Trike speed has started. I did my first session of long intervals tonight and they went anything but smoothly. Sprint training is pretty easy to judge and very hard on the body. You simply ride as hard as you can, recover somewhat then repeat for the desired number of times. That type of sprint training isnt what I need to be able to ride time trials faster so what I was doing tonight were long intervals.
There is a bit of a learning curve on a long intervals (e.g 1km), when compared to pure sprint training, in that there has to be some sort of pacing element involved. I cant simply ride flat out like I would for a short sprint and hope to keep up that speed for the whole kilometer. I did try this on my first attempt and died badly over the last few hundred meters. Effective flat out sprints are normally approximately 200m.  Going flat out on a 1KM effort just leads to your speed gradually trailing off as you approach the end.  This hurts like H*ll but defeats the purpose a bit.
My 1k training course is a flat straight road running South to North. In my home area in the summer there is always a strong West to East Wind so that means the course will always have crosswinds. The crosswinds tonight were noticeable but not extreme. The road surface is pretty good, although there is a 20m section around 850m that is a bit bumpy, and the chpseal is not too noticeable.  Traffic is pretty light and I ride in the bike lane so its pretty safe.
 I did five 1K repeats tonight with about 5 minutes rest in between. I am not sure how effective tonights session was as I felt pretty tired. I also had problems with the Catrike jumping around the gears and had to switch to friction mode(I have to figure out what is causing this problem) . If it had any sort of benefit it was that I came away with a better understanding of pacing and cadence for a 1K. I found my best results were when I felt slightly overgeared.

I am not going to share my 1K times on this public blog but needless to say I wasn’t very happy with them. I also need to figure out the Garmins auto timing feature as it was a little unreliable. Next time I hope I can get a bit closer to my speed goal.

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