Putah Creek 5/12/2010

This was my first time riding the Wednesday evening Putah Creek 10 Mile TT course out near Davis CA.  It was well organized and felt like a nice friendly atmosphere . For this event I switched back to an old set of Stelvios on the front and a Mavic Kysrium rear Wheel with disk cover. I cant honestly say that I noticed much difference from the disk cover other than the noise over bumps. It did feel like it was making some difference above 25MPH but I wasnt strong enough to get over 25MPH for much of the course.

I set off at a fast pace and the wind was blowing pretty hard from the West so it was a real struggle all the way to the turn.  I did catch 3 people on the way out but I was really suffering. I was expecting a fast tailwind after the turn but it didnt really materialize until the last two miles.  I tried really hard but still got passed by at least 5 riders and a couple of those came past me like I was doing a track stand.  I managed a personal best for the trike  knocking  1m 21s off my previous best.  I definitely want to try this course again as I feel it is perfect for recumbents.

The course is very flat and has great pavement. There is one sharp corner at 3.7 miles and 6.4 miles that is a little scary on the trike and the 180 turn is exactly the same as my trikes turning circle . This could be a very fast course for the right recumbent.

Course : Putah Creek 10 Mile TT
Position : 48th out of 81 (Winner Phil Mooney 20:14)
Results : http://www.zensurweb.com/bikes/davis_time_trial_05_12_2010_overall_results.pdf
Bike : Catrike 700
Course Record (Trike *) : 0h25m55 (5/12/2010) Catrike 700
Distance: 10 miles
MPH: Av= 23.15, Max= 30.3
BPM: Max= 183
Climb: 46ft

* I cant find any other Trike times for this course.

My pulse trace shows that I metered out my effort pretty well but that perhaps I could have gone a bit harder (it didnt feel like it).  It is very rare I get my pulse over 180 on the trike .

This ride tonight gives and idea of just how out of reach the 25MPH bogey time is for me to go for the trike hour record. I would need to improve my personal best by 1m56 seconds to do a 25 MPH 10 mile TT.  That is a huge time difference that I just don’t think I can make up on the trike.


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