Calaveras TT Practise

I have never actually ridden the Calaveras TT on a conventional road (TT bike) before, so my wife organised a mini practise TT for the race team (We have a race on there  on Saturday).  6 riders showed up (3 men and 3 women). For a warm up we rode the course at a steady/brisk pace and I felt OK although the wind seemed to be strong both ways. My position on the bike felt great but I think I need to ditch the gel Tri saddle for something a bit more conventional. I had non aero wheels but I reckon I need to steal the wheel from the Catrike 700 with the disk cover for the actual event. I rode without aero shoe covers, Skinsuit and Aero helmet so I should be able to go a bit quicker on the day.

I was disappointed with my time and really felt sub par all the way round. I just never seemed to get into a rhythm and felt very tired afterwards. Hopefully it is just a temporary bug.

Course : Calaveras 10 Mile TT
Bike : Trek TTX
P.B Road Bike  : 25m56s (5/16/2010) Trek TTX
P.B Recumbent: 25m03s (3/23/2010) Corsa SS
P.B. Recumbent Trike : 27m16s (8/14/2008) Catrike 700
Distance: 10.0 miles
Time: 25m56s
MPH: Av= 23, Max= 32.2
BPM: Max= 176
Climb: 400ft

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