Canada Road 10 Mile TT : 29th May 2010

This was my first event representing TEAM CATRIKE . The Canada Road course is a pretty hard 10 mile TT on a trike as there is a fair bit of climbing and rough roads. The weather was cool but it was nice and sunny and the wind was light. A good day for racing, even at 7:30 in the morning ! Unfortunately despite my spamming across the recumbent forums I was the only recumbent entered today.

I came down with a heavy chest cold after last weeks event and was worried I wouldn’t be able to ride at all.  Fortunately I started to recover on Thursday and during the race I didn’t feel too bad. I was struggling on the climbs and generally felt like I was running one cylinder down but at least I didn’t sound like aqualung.

My goal for today was to try and set a new Trike course record. I managed that by 2 seconds

Comparison With My previous personal best Run


The Blue trace showed that I definitely worked harder today in all but one area. The extra effort didnt seem to result in extra speed however.

Speed Comparison :

Some significant differences on the return leg especially on the little downhill at mile 7.  Looking at the pulse trace I noticed a significant pulse drop too so I must have lost concentration here.

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