District 40K TT course pre-ride

No cycling for me since last Saturday as I have been working in Biarritz France. I just got back in at 1am last night after nearly 26 hours of travelling between leaving the hotel and getting to my house. To say I was a bit tired was an understatement. I am glad I decided not to enter the District 40k championships and was only going there as support for my wife. The 40K champs was at a tiny village called Satley which is around 30 miles from Truckee in the mountains. The drive up there from my house was about 3.5 hours but fortunately my wife drove so I could sleep.

When we got there we decided to pre-ride the course with me acting as motor pacer on the Bacchetta. The course is very flat and very fast due to the 4900ft altitude but the wind is a bit of an issue.  I felt pretty good for a while but the wind must have been stirring up the pollen as I ended up with horrendous allergies and spent the whole evening sneezing.  This would be a super fast course on a recumbent but it would not be record legal due to its 5000ft altitude.

Dist : 25.05m
Time : 1h16m11s
Speed: Max- 31.2, AV – 19.7mph
Climb: 195ft
Pulse : Max- 139, AV- 119

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