HPV Day At Hellyer

I didn’t really enjoy the HPV day this year. There was way too much waiting around and it didn’t seem to run anywhere near as smoothly as last year.  The day stretched on so much I had to miss the last 30 minute  race. It made for a very long day indeed.

Preliminary Results can be found here:


There were quite a few trikes at the event today which was great to see. There was a fully streamlined Catrike that was very fast indeed but the rider suffered from muscle cramps so he didn’t race. He was really fast in the warm up and it was a great pity he didn’t get to race with the rest of us trikes.

There were two other Catrikes that showed up but only one other raced. The Speed that raced was really quick .

200m Sprint:

I think I did a personal best but will have to wait for final results.

[Waiting for results]

Trike Race

I managed to get a victory and win my dad some of Ricky’s wonderful beer.

[Final Results Pending]

Into the first Corner

Lone Break

The 15 lap Devil (Unfaired)

I got a little confused in this event and missed out on a place.

[Results pending]

Warm up lap

Trying to get past the Uprights

The guy who just beat me in the devil. I got confused by the flag man and though we had another lap.


The Trike race:

The Devil:

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