Putah Creek TT: 6/23/2010

I made the long drive out to Dixon to have a second go at the Putah Creek 10 Mile TT.  This time I took my wife along for company. It was very warm and the wind was moderate.  Before the event I had to change the tyres out on the Catrike to Kojaks on the front and a new Continental 4000 on the back. I need to save the Stelvios for special events only and they took a real beating at the track.  I honestly can’t tell any difference between the Stelvios and the Kojaks but I suppose they must be slower as they are considerably fatter. They are definitely nicer on chipseal.

I felt pretty good on the event although my throat got very dry and it was really warm. I caught three people on the way out and nobody on the way back.  I wasn’t passed by anyone although my wife who started 30 seconds behind was snapping at my heels the whole way. I overshot the turn and nearly took out the marshal in the process (so sorry about that). I ended up sliding a bit then went onto two wheels for one brief moment. Lost a bit of time and some rubber there.

Course : Putah Creek 10 Mile TT
Position : 33rd out of 67 (Winner Kevin Metcalfe 20m37s)
Results : http://www.zensurweb.com/bikes/davis_time_trial_06_23_2010_overall_results.pdf
Bike : Catrike 700
Course Record (Trike *) : 0h25m52 (6/23/2010) Catrike 700
Distance: 10 miles
MPH: Av= 23.2, Max= 28.1
BPM: Max= 185
Climb: 60ft


I made up time on the way out this week and was much slower on the way back. A pretty good sign that the wind wasnt as strong as last time.

The pulse trace is pretty puzzling. I obviously put in a lot more effort than last time but had little in the way of improvement to show for it.  Was it the heat, the Kojaks or something else ?  The trike certainly didn’t feel slow.




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