Beat The Clock @ The Velodrome

I had been looking forward to this event for a long time so I was pretty gutted that the cold I developed after the Putah Creek Time Trial turned into a heavy chest cold. I was all ready to give it a miss but my wife still wanted to ride so I took the trike along.  I felt crap when warming up and the dry air didn’t help my lung rot one bit. I reckoned I could probably ride the shorter events anaerobically so I decided to try the 200m, 500m and 1000M.  It turned out that the longer events progressively caused me more and more distress. The 200m wasn’t too bad but the 1000m resulted in me seeing spots in front of my eyes :-). My legs felt OK but it was really was nasty hot there. Fantastic run event and a real shame I wasn’t on top form.

Full Results:

200m: 3rd (3 riders)

Time: 14.32 (Winner 13.44)

500m: 4th (4 riders)

Time:  44.08 (Winner 39.12)

1000m: 4th (4 riders)

Time:  1:27.50 (Winner 1:19.01)

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