New Bent PB on Cross Road Circuit

The virus I have seems to come back in cycles. I felt great on Saturday and bad Sunday through Wednesday and Ok this morning. I am still suffering from blocked sinuses but that is probably just seasonal allergies. I decided to ride pretty hard today to see what happens. Not race pace but perhaps 75%. I was pleased that my efforts resulted in a personal best round the Cross road circuit. I am definitely not up to racing though as I feel that extra 25% effort will probably make me ill again. I am not really all that bothered about racing for the time being and I am just enjoying riding my bikes.

Course : Cross Road Circuit

Bike : Bacchetta Corsa SS
P.B. : 39m23s (6/16/2009) Trek TTX 9.5
P.B. (Recumbent): 0h41m07 (7/29/2010) Corsa SS
P.B. (Trike) : 0h45m56 (6/15/2010) Catrike 700
Distance: 14 miles
MPH: Av= 20.4, Max= 38.7
BPM: Av= 140, Max= 163
Climb: 589ft

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