Bacchetta Corsa SS recumbents can climb and other musings

After Today’s ride it dawned on me how much fun the Corsa SS is to ride.  I can ride it now without having to think or worry about what I am doing . Carving through corners whilst still being able to peddle is a real buzz as is getting the thing wound up above 30MPH and holding it there. My one HUGE weakness on the Bacchetta is climbing. I am not talking about the old recumbents cant climb rubbish I am talking about the pathological fear I get on anything approaching a 15%+  grade. I just feel like I am going to fall over or topple backwards.  If I could just get this sorted out I could do all my doubles on it .

I have considered joining in the HOP Lite ride on my Corsa as I think  it would be a good workout but it is a bit of a squirrely paceline and I think I would just get in the way. I also was dismayed to hear the disparaging  remarks made about the guy we passed on a Ti Aero Bacchetta near Blackhawk on a climb on yesterdays HOP Lite so I am not sure I would want to upset them by blowing them all off 😉

I was going to do my usual Altamont Sunday morning blast but changed my mind and went to do some hills instead. I wasn’t trying that hard but I was very pleased with my time round my hilly circuit which equaled my PB.

Course : Flynn Clockwise
Bike : Bacchetta Corsa SS
PB : 54m40s (3/25/2010) Specialized Tarmac
PB (Recumbent): 0h59m07 (2/4/2010) Corsa SS
PB (Trike) : 1h05m33 (3/18/2010) Catrike 700
Distance: 17.84 miles
MPH: Av= 18.1, Max= 40.6
BPM: Av= 133, Max= 158
Climb: 1162ft

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