Putah Creek 10mile TT

It was pretty hot and windy for the 10 tonight. It was mainly cross wind but it felt a bit easier on the way out and felt like a headwind for the last two miles. On the way out I felt pretty good but was a bit uncomfortable with the gearing. 7th was a bit low and 8th was too high (there seems to be a big jump) so I never really felt as efficient as I should. I made a total mess of the turn as it is really tight on a recumbent and struggled for about 100 yards to get my foot clipped back in (I was panicking a bit). On the way back it was hard but I  opted for a gear higher than I was comfortable with and just buried myself.  I got caught by two guys in the last 2 miles which disappointed me.

I ended up with a 23:17 for the course which is a recumbent p.b. for me. Its actually the fastest 10m TT I have ridden since moving to the USA. It is still a bit off my all time P.B of 21:20 done on my Raleigh 653 Pro with clip ons, Disk cover and Campag Shamal front wheel (back in the UK some 14 years ago.)

Garmin GPS Trace

I have decided to invest in some faster wheels for next season so I am on the lookout for some HED’s or Zipp’s. That should get me into the 22 minute range and who knows with a bit of training a 21m might be possible . Scouring the classifieds is a real pain.

Photographs of the race can be found here.

Race results can be found here. I got 17th out of 68.

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One thought on “Putah Creek 10mile TT

  1. Peter Borenstadt

    Hi Mark,

    It was nice to meet you and your wife at the race. Congratulations on the PB time. It is uncanny how similar my perception of the race was. Same feeling about the gearing. My turn was a bit shaky, but better than the previous two times. On the way back I had a drag race getting passed and re-passing same guy several times. It was pretty exciting! My final time was 23:38. I have a couple of fast wheels you can borrow for the next time, if you would like to see how they feel. A pair of HED trispokes with the rear filled-in w/Coroplast panels and with ceramic bearings. I will be at the race on September 15th., so if you are interested in the test let me know and I’ll bring them. I will be trying a different tail fairing.


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