HOP Lite on the Trek

Big turn out for the HOP lite ride  today for what promised to be a chilly start but ended up warm and very windy.  I think there were a lot of people riding that should really be on the fast HOP ride.  I was joined by some BF chums and Lauren and my wife Sandra from our team for what turned out to be a pretty fast ride.

Things didn’t start well as we had a 3 bike pile up within 5 minutes of setting off. After this we crawled along for a while then things really picked up from Highland onwards. There were very strong winds today which made everyone skittish and it felt pretty dangerous at times. There was a big split on the run into Livermore but we managed to get everyone back together for the warp factor 9 blast along Isabel  despite a howling crosswind (look at the Garmin trace for the speeds on this section).

A big bunch didn’t wait for a regroup at the bottom of Collier canyon nor did they wait at the top which was very disappointing.   I think people are forgetting this is a LITE ride where we don’t want to scatter riders across half of Livermore. I ended up time trialling up Collier on my own between the two groups. Our two lady team members ended up getting gapped on the fast run in to Danville and we were unlucky with the stop lights so we ended up coming in a few minutes down. I really enjoyed the ride though and got a good workout.

Had a nice social outside Peet’s too to finish off.

Garmin Trace can be found Here

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