Putah Creek 10mile TT on the Trek

I have ridden the Putah Creek time trials exclusively on recumbents this year so this evening I decided to ride my TT bike. The wind was pretty much the same as it was two weeks ago but it was quite a bit cooler tonight. I physically hadn’t ridden my Trek since the Calveras TT back in May so on the warm up I felt less than comfortable with the TT position.  There was nothing wrong with the position it was just that I wasn’t used to it and after a 12 mile warmup it started to feel a bit more natural.

On the start line I discovered I had two recumbent buddies behind me with a nice pair of Tail faired low racers. Putah Creek uses 30 second gaps between riders so I knew I had my work cutout holding them off.  I set off a bit too hard and ended up suffering for the whole event but I didn’t get caught   by anyone. The 180 degree turn is a non-issue on a regular bike unlike on a recumbent where it is a nightmare as one of the  recumbent riders discovered.

I ended up with a 23m18s which I was a little disappointed with. Although 23m18s is my fastest non recumbent 10 mile TT since moving to the USA it is still a long way off my all time p.b. of 21m20s. Next year I am going to get some faster wheels and train specifically to beat that time.

Final results I got in the Top 10 at last ! 

Garmin Trace of the event (Clock started 1 minute before and finished just after the line)

Photographs of the Event

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