Burnout, HOP and Recumbent Musings

I planned to ride the HOP Lite today but when I got up I felt very lethargic and unmotivated.  After a cup of coffee I felt a bit more like myself but I still couldn’t be bothered to drive the 20 or so miles to Danville for the start. I decided I would ride out to meet the ride on Tassajarra instead. For weeks and weeks I have been toying with the idea of doing the HOP lite on my recumbent but never really managed to pluck up the courage to do it. The ride can be very sketchy at times  and I have heard many disparaging comments about the recumbents we have come across. I really need to get some training in on the Bacchetta though so I decided to risk it.

Riding out, my lethargy returned and I really couldn’t get myself motivated. It didn’t help that it started raining and this was probably the first rain we have had for 5 months. I was truly miserable on the bike. I finally joined on with the group as they turned onto Highland and was immediately pushed to the back.  I didn’t really have any problem keeping up but the changes in pace were hard work and I did have to work really hard on the rollers. I decided to sit off the back for the sprint as it was a bit dangerous. On North Livermore I found my self at the back just as we turned into onto the long straight that takes us down into Livermore. People were darting about a lot so I decided to go to the front. I went a little hard and ended up blasting past the group at close to 40MPH. I stayed off the front for a while and caught a little breakaway group then decided to back off. Once I got swallowed up again I got really boxed in and couldnt go for the sprint.

Riding through down town Livermore on the Bacchetta is always a bit stressful with traffic, stop signs and hill starts and today was no exception so I ended up sitting at the back again. I stayed at the back all the way to Isabel where I got a little tired of dodging rocks and wobbly riders and went to the front and kept up a good safe pace. It was definitely safer on the front even if I was expending more watts than I would like.

On the Climb of Collier canyon I got my first disparaging comment from an old guy and this really fired up the coals in my belly. Unfortunately at the bottom of the climb I was bullied to the back and I was unable to move up. It was pretty frustrating as I wanted to be near the front on the steeper section. When the steeper section came I saw a gap and moved up to the first 5 and when the sprint started I was well positioned. The sprint was basically 1 mile of max power suffering for me. I got up to second place but there was nothing I could do to get past the guy who took the windmill sprint. It was nice to be up there for an uphill finish on a recumbent.

After the regroup I decided to make my own way back home and immediately started feeling lethargic and a little depressed. I was rolling over the ride in my head and made a mental note that I would never do this ride on a recumbent again. I wasn’t physically tired but I was riding as with no motivation and it dawned on me that I might be suffering from a bit of mental burnout for the season. Dont know how to fix this as I still need to train for the Devil Mountain Challenge, the last two Putah Creeks and The Death Valley Fall double.

The ride was 55 miles and took around 3 hours with 1700ft of climbing. Bacchetta Corsa SS

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