Mount Diablo Challenge 2010

I rode to the start from Blackhawk and it was pretty cool and overcast. When I got there it was madness and there were bikes and people everywhere. Registration was painless but there wasn’t really anywhere to get a good warm up so my wife and myself headed up the road to Blackhawk just to keep our legs free.

I was off in wave 4 and found myself pretty much near the back of the at the start. The start itself was a bit crazy and I got badly held up, although I did get to go through the minefield section reasonably safely by riding in the gravel at the side of the road (damaged one of my brand new Kojaks on this section riding through the gravel). Once we hit the climb properly I just concentrated on holding my pace high and gradually began picking off riders in front of me. The rest of the climb was just one long suffer but at least I had bodies to chase.

I finished in 1h12m33s which was about 3 minutes better than my personal best on the trike. I was happy with that time. With the exception of the amazing hand cyclists I think I was the only recumbent. I think the times were about 15 seconds off.  My position was 181/294 (40-49) in my age group.

Garmin GPS Trace of  the Climb

The results

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