Bass Lake Powerhouse Double [Bacchetta]

Well that was a lot tougher than I was expecting. I kept to my plan of staying with the lead pack until after the second rest stop (CP2) at mile 73 where I met one of JS’s relatives. It was pretty sketchy riding in the dark with such a big group but things had thinned out considerably by the time we got to mile 40 or so. My average speed at cp2 was over 21 MPH and I expected to do a fast time.
What I wasnt expecting was the next 50 miles that were just about all climbing. This section really sapped my strength with its relentlessness and heat. I was totally fed up of the climbing by mile 132 and my legs were really tired. I rode this entire section pretty much alone. This was the most climbing I have ever done on the Bacchetta.
Heading back down from bass Lake (mile 132) still had some nasty climbs but it was generally down hill. Unfortunately some of the down hills were really bumpy so I couldnt enjoy them or let the bike have its head. The 5 mile climb at mile 155 took a lot out of my legs and I was pretty shot by the rest stop at 163 miles. I hooked up with 2 guys for the next section but it was about 5 miles before my legs recovered so I was just hanging on most of the time. Once I came through the recumbent down hilling ability came to the front and I paced the guys for much of the way back (apart from the uphills).

The last 5 miles or so I pretty much sat on one of the riders (we were down to just two by then) and he dragged me to the finish. This guy had just ridden the 508 the previous weekend. He still seemed pretty fresh but I was was shattered.

Finished in 13h14m.
Climb : 10,936 ft
Distance: 201.6 (Some wrong turns)

Garmin Trace

I saw Zach out there on the course but missed him at the start and never managed to say hello.

I thought it was a great double with very friendly organizers and rest stops. There was a great feed at the end and people couldnt help you enough. My only slight criticism was that the route wasnt always marked very well and I made quite a few wrong turns which put on about 1.6 miles for me. Also the water at the Auberry restop tasted really bad too.

I had my own personal disasters in the form that I brought two odd shoes to the event (one road and one mountain). It didnt really seem to make much difference as the cleat positions were very similar. My wheel also pulled on one steep climb forcing me to make an amazing save. I always feared I would not be able to get my feet out in such a situation but I was OK.

My legs were really really really tired on Sunday morning.


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2 thoughts on “Bass Lake Powerhouse Double [Bacchetta]

  1. sevencyclist

    I think I might have seen you at lunch, but I was so tired, I was merely focused on saving my energy. Donald and I left at 4 am, so we missed all the big crowds. I still can’t believe you rode the whole thing on that Bacchetta, and you beat my time by a good 4 hours.

    Good luck on Death Valley. Hope the head winds aren’t too fierce.

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