Moraga Loop with IC3 [Specialized Tarmac]

My recumbents have gone into hibernation for the winter and I am concentrating on trying to get road bike fit again. Training for 2011 starts today.

After the Death Valley Double I had to spend a week off the bike whilst working in Mexico. Since I got back from Mexico I have been very run down and have been suffering from a cold, upset stomach, insomnia and various other ailments (probably picked up on the flight).  Despite this I decided to join in with my new team’s Saturday morning  training ride at the decidedly extreme hour of 7am. They were planning to do the Moraga loop which I have never done before so I was looking forward to riding some new roads.

The pace was actually faster than I was expecting and a couple of the team gave me a good working over on the climbs. Although my respiratory system and legs felt fine, my stomach was not so good and I was was pretty uncomfortable all the way round. I kept my fingers crossed that the nasty bloated feeling in my stomach wasn’t the signs of a another bout of Montezuma’s revenge. IC3 has some really strong riders and I reckon trying to hang onto these guys is just what I need to get my Road racing mojo back.

The weather was cold to begin with but it turned out nice but a little windy. My legs were pretty tired at the end but I need to retrain them to be Road bike legs and not recumbent. I definitely was not happy about having to get up so early but I really enjoyed the ride.

Garmin Profile of the Ride

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