FFBC Ladies Team Ride [Trek 5500]

I joined in with my wifes FFBC ladies team ride for what turned out to be a warm but very windy ride. Unfortunately only two ladies turned up but we had 7 riders in total. The pace was steady which turned out to be a good thing for me as I felt weak and sluggish. I don’t know if it is the remnants of the bugs I have had recently or switching back to regular bikes but I don’t seem to have any fitness at all.  My Garmin went loopy on Altitude on the ride so I lost that data.

Course: Livermore- Danville – Pleasanton – Livermore Loop
Bike : Trek 5500
Distance: 53 miles
Time: 3H24m
Heart: 125Av, 172 Max
Speed: 15.5Av, 32.4 Max

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One thought on “FFBC Ladies Team Ride [Trek 5500]

  1. tim t

    man, I hear ya on the fitness. winter hit and suddenly I’m above threshold just to hit 25 on the flats, lucky to get home over 19mph, even on really flat rides. No illness on my end. Same thing happened last year, but I had put my fairing and smaller 20inch wheel back on the Giro, so I blamed that. Only thing to blame this time is weather, too many ‘rest’ days and a significant increase in miles spent running (in the rain).

    Really hoping I can talk you into PIR at the end of May and then that 3 stage recumbent race in Sept. 🙂

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