Brushy Peak [S works M4 Mountain Bike]

I had unfinished work on Brushy peak today . There were still several un-Strava’d loops and climbs that I needed to map and what better time to do it it than on a cold and overcast day.

The first trail I mapped was the west Side Loop anti-clockwise which is a direction I rarely ride for the simple reason that I cant get up the wall without having to walk a bit. It is just too steep and it only takes one rock or tire slip to lose momentum and stall. I think this beast deserves it’s own Strava segment so I gave it one.

The next trail I mapped was the Laughlin Ranch Loop in the clockwise direction which is my favorite direction although the descent can be bone jarringly rough in the summer. I followed this up with a anti clockwise loop of the Tamcan trail where I had a bit of a mechanical mishap in the form of a nasty chainsuck incident. It took me 10 minutes to free the chain but there seemed to be no permanent damage. This trail is pretty short and easy but it is also the one I see Coyotes hanging out on. I still need to map the anti clockwise variation of this trail to complete my mapping of the preserve.

I finished the ride off with a clockwise rotation of the Brushy peak loop which is one of the hardest trails in the park and certainly got me sweating. I definitely was a bit off form today as I failed to negotiate one of the trickier single track sections that I normal manage to clear.

I had an enjoyable ride today and hope more MTB’ers start taking advantage of this very lightly populated preserve.

Here is the Strava Data.

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