Bakery ride of Sorts (Trek 5500)

I took the day off today and planned to do the Wednesday morning 50 mile Bakery ride out of Danville. The roads were pretty damp after Tuesday’s downpour and it was pretty cool. There wasn’t a very large turnout and things went a bit sour for us after only a few miles when Sandra flatted.

By the time we fixed the flat we had no chance of catching the main group so we decided to just ride on our own. It is a good job we were not trying to catch the group as we seemed to hit every single traffic light on red. When we got to the golf club in Pleasanton we decided to cut out the Sunol/Happy valley segment in the hope that we could re-join the main group. There was no sign of them by the time we got to the Ruby Hill’s Starbucks so I decided to make a quick pit stop whilst Sandra rode on ahead.

I rode pretty hard along Isabel and harder still up Collier canyon but I only caught Sandra about a mile from the top. My legs felt pretty good on Collier but bad everywhere else. The cold wind on Tassajara was a pretty nasty way to end the ride but it was a good workout. We never did see the group again.

Ride With GPS Data for the ride.

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