Brushy Peak MTB Hill repeats [Specialized S Works M-4]

I was working on a day long conference call so I only got a couple of hours daylight to get out on my bike after it finished. I didn’t want to mix it up with the commute traffic so I headed to Brushy Peak on the Mountain Bike again for some zone 3 hill repeats.

I chose the Laughlin Ranch climb in the Anti clockwise  direction for my tempo hill and did 4 repeats on it. The climb is 0.8m long with 356ft elevation gain and an average grade of 8.0% (it is also rough due to the cattle). Here are my timings. I tried to keep in Zone 3 for the climb  but 158 is my threshold between Zone 3 and 4. The wind started to pick up a bit as the ride went on.

  • 8m29s (Av Heart Rate 157) * New P.R.
  • 8m49s (Av Heart Rate 159)
  • 9m05s (Av Heart Rate 157)
  • 9m19s (Av heart Rate 154)

I finished it off with a full Clockwise loop which was really hard and I was very tired all over after this workout. I bet my legs hurt tomorrow.

Strava Report

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