Bakery Ride Jet lagged [Trek 5500]

I dont know if I picked up some sort of flu bug on my flight home but I have felt terrible this week with extreme fatigue, bad stomach and incredibly sore legs. I decided the Bakery ride would be just what I needed to clear out the pipes. Unfortunately it turned out to be really fast and I ended up suffering like a dog. The section along Vineyard was particularly brutal and I dropped near to the back and missed the light onto Isabel. I chased like mad on my own but hit every light on red and couldn’t get back on.

By the time I got onto Collier my goose was well and truly cooked and I just rode back to Danville steadily with 4 of the ladies (including my wife). I cant express how frustrated I feel at seeming to have lost all my fitness in just one week. I felt like I was just grinding gears out there today.

Strava Part 1

Strava Part 2

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