Altamont Pass P.B. [Klein]

I felt a bit better in myself today and finally seem to be getting over the jet lag. My legs felt really tired from yesterday but not as bad as they felt on Monday and Tuesday. I took advantage of nice weather and went for revenge on the Altamont on the Klein. I definitely still felt under the weather which was demonstrated by my inability to get my pulse rate up but I still managed a road bike personal best and a Strava KOM which is encouraging. My old IT band injury is grumbling a bit and I need to work on that.

Course : Altamont Pass
Bike : Klein Quantum Pro
P.B. : (Road Bike) 55m30s (1/27/2011) Klein Quantum Pro
P.B. (Recumbent): 54m50s (6/20/2010) Corsa SS
P.B. (Recumbent Trike) : 1h00m45s (5/15/2010) Catrike 700

Distance: 19.14 miles

MPH: Av= 20.7, Max= 35.8
BPM: Av= 150, Max= 166
Climb: 834ft

Strava Data

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