Del Valle Mountain Bike Loop 5/23/2011

It is hard to say if it was the trike racing at the velodrome yesterday or the  10 hours of driving and 4 hours of walking that  I did to watch the Amgen TOC Solvang TT on Friday but when I got up this morning it felt like I had done a hilly double century.  My legs were absolutely shattered and I felt very tired. It took a long relaxed walk with dogs and an extra cup of coffee before I finally felt like going out for a ride.  The winds were horrendous so I decided to just go out for a steady ride on my Mountain Bike to clear the lactic acid from my legs.

I didn’t really feel much better on the ride out to the trail and fought a gale force headwind for much of the way. Fortunately there was a nice tailwind along the extremely hilly Del Valle trail but the climbs still hurt and I felt like I was close to bonking. In hindsight my chosen route was a bit ambitious and I had to use the grannie ring a lot. I was quite surprised to see I got a Strava KOM on one of the climbs and will have to go back and try for a few others when I am fresher.

Strava Medals:

del vale (rocky fire road climb)

del vale hill (fire road) the dam

fire road climb out of park

Total ride was 28.5 miles and about 2500+ ft of climbing (I turned my Garmin off to answer a phone call on the way out so the Strava Data is about 5 miles short) and when I got back all I wanted to do was sleep.

Strava ride Data

This is the view from the Top of the first rather brutal Climb.

Looking Back down into the Livermore valley I just climbed up from

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