Lunchtime Levee’s blast on the Masi S/S 5/24/11

The Alviso Slough loop is always a bit of a challenge when it comes to Strava segment hunting because although it is pan flat it does suffer from some very strong winds.  On a single speed this normally means you end up grovelling and feeling overgeared for the first half and undergeared  for the bumpier second half.  The bumps also make it difficult to spin at a high cadence.  My weapon of choice for a KOM would have to be a geared cross bike although my personal best up to now was achieved on a Mountain Bike. Today I chose my Masi Monster Cross S/S comuter bike.

The winds were a bit lighter than usual today but it was still hard work to the half way point. I was pushing hard to try to get a p.b. and was helped by virtually empty trails and cool conditions.  I ended up with my third best time of 28m12s  which was  19s off my p.b. (27m51s) and  25 seconds away from the Strava KOM time (27m45s).  I am determined to try to get that Strava KOM before the year is out but it certainly isn’t going to be easy. Hats off to Lucas.

Strava Trace for the complete ride

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