Cross Bike on the Alviso Slough Trail – Kona Jake The Snake

I have been trying to get the Strava KOM on the Alviso Slough Loop since February. I have managed to get pretty close but never managed to beat the “aero bar” current KOM.  I had planned to have a go at the loop this lunch time but meetings prevented me so I had to have a go on my way home from work to the train.  My chosen steed was my Jake The Snake CX bike which I thought would be quicker than my  previous attempts on my S/S cross bike or mountain bike.

When I got out on the levies I was disappointed to find a nasty wind and impending threat of rain. Rain on this loop is a terrible proposition as it turns into a sticky muddy mire. I time trialled it as hard as I could into the wind on the first half and then just suffered on the bumpy tailwind section to the finish. I thought my fenders were going to shake of my cross bike at one point but at least the trail remained dry.  I was really happy to see I knocked 25 seconds off my best time and took the KOM. The bizarre Californian  weather was actually cooler today than when I made my first attempt in February.

I reckon if the wind was light there is more to speed to come and I might be able to crack 27m. 26m59s is my new goal for the rest of the year but I will be going back to my Mountain bike for the attempt.

Strava Ride Report

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