Livermore Bike Paths – Masi Monster Cross

Living in the Livermore Valley you have to cope with the wind, especially in the evenings. In the Spring/Summer months that wind blows really hard from the West which is nice for me if I ride home from work as I can guarantee a stonking tailwind.  This evening after long day working from home I decided to head West to blow out some cobwebs in the safe knowledge that it would be easier on the way home.   I haven’t been through Sycamore grove for years so I  decided to make that my destination via the multitude of local bike paths.

The wind did not dissapoint on the way out and I groveled into it feeling a tad over-geared on my single speed.  it’s a good job that I was only doing a steady pace ride as my legs felt pretty hollow.  Sycamore grove bike path itself was even worse than I remember it with nasty bumps and pavement especially where the tree roots had done their worst.   The scenery was nice though and I got to see some huge fish swimming about in the river.

The wind seemed to drop on the way back and the ride wasn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be but it certainly blew out the cobwebs. The new bike path on Tesla is insane:

Strava Ride Report

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