Dunlap Memorial TT – M45+ 4/5 : Trek TTX – 3rd Place

The weather on Saturday was horrendous for most of the day and Sunday morning dawned not much better. On the drive up to Davis for the Dunlap memorial TT we encountered some very heavy storms but when we got to the race parking lot there was no rain.  The parking area itself was under several inches of mud however and I was glad I didn’t bring my best wheels.

I went for about a 10 mile warm up and felt pretty good but the bugs in the air were a little annoying. There wasn’t much wind and although the sky was overcast things remained dry for my race.  I had no idea what the course was like other than it was bumpy in places, pan flat and there were quite a few corners. I set my pulse at 170-174 and just concentrated on keeping that tempo throughout. I caught a couple of people but didn’t get caught myself which was encouraging.  It felt like it was a headwind/crosswind all the way round to me, but in reality the first long section must have been tailwind.

The finish was a bit of a surprise as there wasn’t any mile to go markers so I didn’t push as hard as I could over the last miles. The 250m to go marker was a real welcome surprise  and I nearly caught another rider in sight of the finish. Not sure I could have gone much faster but I should really have pushed a little harder after the last turn (probably about 2 miles to finish) and I was a little wary on the corners.

I was really happy to score 3rd place which is my first podium of 2011.

  1.  41:44.1 255 MCMURTRY,Kevin SHO-AIR/SERT
  2. 43:41.1 238 COYLE,Richard Rio Strada Racing
  3. 44:31.1 248 KING,Mark Christian Cycling

Here is a photo of me in action

Strava Ride Report

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