Putah Creek 10 mile TT : Trek TTX 9.5 *New Course p.b.*

I rode on a pair of HED3’s  this evening and let my wife try out the disk cover wheel. I honestly don’t notice any difference between the HED 3 and the rear disk at my level.  The weather was nice and warm but there was a pretty strong crosswind for much of the course that made it feel quite hard both ways.  I got a nice 15 mile warm up and felt pretty good for the race itself.  I perhaps didn’t push Quite hard enough at the start and I made a real pigs ear of the turn but other than that I am really starting to feel my TT form coming back.  I managed to knock 38 seconds off my Putah Creek best and hope I can continue improving and finally get back into the 21’s which is my season goal.  It might be a tall order for the next couple of Putah Creek’s as I have the Terrible  Two double century next weekend. Hard doubles like that kill my speed for up to 4 weeks afterwards.

Full results Here

  • Position : 12th (76 Riders)
  • Time: 22m14s
  • Winner: Kevin Metcalfe: 20m32s
  • Strava Data

My Top 10 Putah Creek Times:

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One thought on “Putah Creek 10 mile TT : Trek TTX 9.5 *New Course p.b.*

  1. PeterB

    I always wonder if two trispokes may be just as fast as a disc, or faster in a crosswind. Laurie Fenech uses both with very similar results at Putah Creek.
    So close to 27!

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