Masi Monster Cross and Track Bike Musings

I have been thinking about riding the 1k and 3k pursuit at the Norcal Masters Track Championship and the only problem was that I didn’t have a track bike or any seat time on a track bike. I have ridden Hellyer multiple times on recumbents and my Trek TT bike but never an actual fixed wheel. I am not a complete novice however as back in the UK I often used fixed gear for the winter and I also did some grass track racing at Roundhay Park in Leeds.

I did a lot of research and finally decided on a Felt TK3 as it was reasonably priced and I liked the paint Job. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and at least you can fit Brakes on it so I could perhaps try a Putah creek on fixed. I placed an order for it at Cycle Pro’s in Pleasanton on my way home from work tonight and should get it in time for the Beat The Clock track day (if not I don’t think I will be able to ride the masters champs). I plan on fitting some aerobars as soon as I get it and I really need to practice with them on the velodrome before the race.

The ride home from Pleasanton was a very breezy one and my legs were feeling a bit hollow so I decided a steady ride was in order. I think the two hard sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday were catching up with me especially as I have been having sleep issues for the past 2 weeks. I still couldn’t resist having a go at the [Holdener Park Arroya to Marina] Strava KOM.  This is a real challenge on a single speed as there are almost no flat sections and it has a significant down hill where pedaling is impossible on a 42×15.  The first uphill section was hard on 42×15 but a strong tailwind helped and I managed to bag the KOM which was 5m59s with a 5m39s.

I pretty much was shattered after the effort and pottered the rest of the way home.

Strava Ride Report

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