Full commute Home From Work : Trek 5900

It dawned on my that I really don’t have the kind of miles needed to ride next weekends Terrible Two but that is because I have been concentrating on short distance time trials. There isn’t a lot you do to alter that in a week but I don’t plan on actually racing the Terrible Two merely riding to finish it in a reasonable time.  My plan for this week was to get in progressively longer rides each day and then rest up on Sunday before tapering nicely for the following Saturday.

I haven’t ridden all the way home from work for a while and completely forgot it was 50 miles.  I am glad I chose a road bike for this exercise but wish I hadn’t chosen a 10 pound plus backpack . The ride out to the base of Calaveras climb was a really strong headwind then crosswind  and I quickly realized that the hollow legs from yesterday were still with me. I think the Tuna sandwich I had for lunch really wasn’t enough fuel for a ride like this after a hard day of meetings.  I had 1 packet of Cliff shots with me but this too wasn’t really enough for a 3+ hour ride and I felt like I was running on empty by half way home.

I forgot how hard the climb up Calaveras  is and was cursing my backpack all the way up. It was also really hot climbing up to the top of the wall but the temperatures dropped dramatically once onto Calaveras when the wind changed into a headwind again.  It was on the first section of Calaveras up to the false summit that I felt like mr Bonk was planning to pay a visit but I felt OK once I got to Sunol and the wind started to help rather than hinder.

I couldn’t resist having another attempt at the [Holdener Park Arroya to Marina] Strava KOM especially as the wind was very strong on the first uphill part. Despite tired legs I managed to take advantage of having gears and knocked another 7 seconds of the KOM.  That same tailwind was a welcome friend for much of the way home.

Strava Ride Report

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