Putah Creek Smack Down #8 : 10m TT : Trek TTX

I was still feeling the effects of the “Terrible Two” double on my commute to work on Monday. It was was absolutely roasting hot and very windy again.  My recovery from doubles isn’t very good at the best of times but when you ride a hard double with little to no specific training you are bound to end up with sore muscles. My legs and shoulders have been particularly sore and I have felt generally tired. With 100 degree temperatures forecast for Tuesday I did something that I rarely do and had a full day off the bike (I ride every day unless I am travelling but don’t record all my rides on here or on Strava).

Wednesday proved to be another HOT day and I hoped that my day off would help my legs for the Putah Creek 10m TT. My legs actually felt a lot better on my warm up, not sore any more but they still felt wooden and hollow.  My shoulders on the other hand were still very sore and the aero bar position really seemed to bring out the burn. The number of entrants seemed to be well down on this hot and windy evening.

For the race itself the shoulder pain completely went and I felt pretty strong for the first 2 miles and then I went bang. The wind was hard but I don’t think this was the culprit.  My legs simply only had one speed and it was all I could do to churn round the gear to keep up a half way reasonable pace.  I was hoping things would be easier after the turn but unfortunately they were not and I just had to ride in survival mode to the finish. The last 2 miles were horrendous for me and I got passed about 200m from the finish by a Morgan Stanley rider that went past me like I was stopped.

My time was 23m25s which is about 1m10s slower than last time I rode. A lot of people were saying that they thought it was a hard night and I had to agree. Was nice to see my recumbent buddy racing out there tonight even if he did beat me 🙂

Strava data (started 30seconds before my start and stopped just over the line)

20th out of  64

Results Here 

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3 thoughts on “Putah Creek Smack Down #8 : 10m TT : Trek TTX

  1. Peter Borenstadt


    I didn’t beat you after all, you must have misheard me. My time was 23:44. I also did not feel that good, seemed hard in both directions.
    I’m trying to get Greg (Mango, or Quest) to come to the TT on 7/6.


  2. Peter,

    I thought you said 23:24 🙂
    Greg is really fast. I would love to see what he could do on that course in his Mango. I bet he could challenge for fastest time of the night.

    • Peter Borenstadt

      23:24, I wish…

      Looks like Greg will make it with the Quest. Should be interesting, he thinks he will have to make a three point turn at the 180. He was also concerned about the 90 degree turn, as the Quest is only 25″ between the front wheels.

      Couldn’t make it to Hellyer, but it looks like you had a good track test though.

      I’m starting to have thoughts about pulling out the TT bike…Haven’t been on a DF in over a year and half.

      See you on the 6th.


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